About Us

Manor Fest Mountain Cabins have been around for many years, however, we came across this beautiful property in 2003.  We have made a few changes along the way, but basically it is still the peaceful haven we call home.

We are a small family business and we pride ourselves on being involved with our guests and making sure they are as comfortable and welcome as possible.  Even though we are a self-catering establishment, we offer little touches that will ensure you feel at home.  We aim at offering great value for money and love our guests to be suprised by what they find.

The cabins are surrounded by the magestic mountains, the abundant flora of the Cape and the splendour of feeling nature all around you.

The atmosphere is friendly, relaxed and very accommodating - the perfect place for your next holiday.

Manor Fest is maintained by a wonderful team - we are a very happy family and have all worked together from the word go.

The cabins are serviced twice per week, usually on a Tuesday and Friday (except for Public holidays).  If additional servicing is required, there is an additional fee of R70 per day.

We offer a laundry service once per week, to make your holiday that little bit easier.